Founded by Patrick Ahad and Bernard Prevost – seasoned businessmen with extensive backgrounds in finance and a combined 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience – Paymath is a payment services company devoted to making efficient, affordable payments accessible to all small and medium businesses.

Our mission is twofold: We want to equip SMBs with the right payment technology to create a flawless payment customer experience that powers their growth while also ensuring that payments are done in a cost-efficient manner to help them invest in their future.

SMBs are the heart of the economy. They account for 99.8% of Canadian companies, employ 64% of workers in the private sector and contribute more than half to GDP generated by the private sector as well. As a community, SMBs share a common purpose to excel, grow, and tackle challenges together. We believe that the benefits of collaboration and partnership between SMBs are profound. As financial consultants, our purpose, passion, and work is dedicated to a prosperous future for all SMBs.

What We Offer

Ultimately, Paymath’s offering was designed to help you extract maximum value from your business, leveraging the best technology tools to deliver a perfect customer experience.

It’s Crunch Time

The Covid-19 pandemic catalysed a sharp rise in demand for ecommerce – in the US alone, the volume of online retail commerce jumped 44% in 2020 compared to the previous year. Our expertise in ecommerce technology can help you improve your conversion rate and capitalize on this enormous and still growing digital opportunity.

As seasoned entrepreneurs, we know from first-hand experience that payment processing is one of SMBs’ biggest blind spots. SMBs often seek ready-made payment processing services that leak profit in search of convenience. Paypal, Stripe, or Square, might seem optimal for companies that want to roll out payment options quickly, however, the fees these companies charge include premiums which hurt the bottom line as you scale.

Minimal Investment for a Higher ROI

Paymath has built a straightforward pricing structure with a transparent markup model and no hidden fees. By eliminating unnecessary costs like statement, batch, non-qualified, termination, and other fees, we simplified our pricing system.

Our team will take care of all the details required to set up your payment options. With Paymath, switching from other services is a hassle-free process that can be accomplished in a few working hours. The ROI on this small effort invested is high, you will guarantee a healthy and continual return: On average our customers save 37% on payment processing costs!

Partnering with Paymath means that your company will be able to offer the best payment experience for an ultimate customer journey, uses the best technology, and has the best cost structure. While every payment provider markets its services as the right solution for your company, Paymath’s partner network of 5+ payment processors and banks, combined with the expertise and market knowledge of its team, allow it incomparable flexibility in making the best match.

At Paymath, we make things happen and we are here for our partners.